The Two Questions That Steal Your Power (And What To Ask Instead)

Did you know that there are two questions that can instantly steal your power without you even knowing it?

Asking either of these questions gives your inner authority away to someone else.

What are these two disempowering questions? They are:

  • “What should I do?”
  • “What's the right thing to do in this situation?”

How many times have you found yourself in a difficult circumstance and found yourself asking these on repeat?

Asking either of these questions assumes that there is an outer authority that has the answers.

These innocent questions stop us from looking for our own inner wisdom and block our different centers of intelligence like our heart, gut, or intuition.

Continually asking these questions can keep us confused, scrambling for answers, and easily swayed by others' limited opinions of our lives.


So, if you find yourself asking the questions above, pause and instead try asking yourself one of these powerful questions instead:

  • – What is my heart telling me to do?
  • – What is my intuition saying?
  • – What are my options?
  • – What's my gut telling me?
  • – What would my higher self do in this situation?

These questions activate and connect you to your innate intelligence.

They take your focus and put it back on your body and inner wisdom that you may be overlooking.

If the answers don't come immediately, that's okay.

Reflect on each one.  Journal.  Take your time.

The more attention and habit you create in asking these questions, the more your inner wisdom will speak to you.

How has this landed for you? Can you relate to these ideas? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Send me an email at [email protected].

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