I was completely lost when my girlfriend,
the woman I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, broke up with me. To me it seemed like out of the blue, but it really wasn’t. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I had a great group of friends, but no one I felt I could really talk to about the situation. That’s when I came across Clayton Olson. His role in getting myself on the right track was paramount in getting my self worth, as well as my girlfriend back. Through our conversations he opened my mind to things about myself I had never thought about, or at least that I wanted to think about. He was excellent in getting me to ask myself the “hard questions” and really look at what happened in my relationship to make it turn out that way it did, and to fix those issues so they will hopefully never happen again. He was very straight forward, but you could tell he was genuine in his methods. I am not currently 100% back with my dream girl, but we are spending more and more time together setting a solid foundation for a future relationship. And for that, I am forever grateful for the guidance and help I have received from Clayton.
– Matt, Ohio
When I first talked to Clayton I was in a place of fear- of myself,
of being abandoned and had no focus and was essentially stuck in looking at the vapour trail behind me instead of piloting my own plane. Clayton is extremely perceptive in the way he knows what questions to ask to bring you out of that frame of mind, to direct you, to empower you to be the best that you can be. I am still growing daily and my confidence has grown tremendously to enable me to make great leaps in my life stating with following my dreams. It has not always been an easy journey and I am still amazed how far I have come in the 4 months since I have been speaking and emailing Clayton. This has all come from the knowledge that Clayton is fully supporting and encouraging me to see the endless possibilities that I have within. Thank you you’re an inspiration.

– Elena, UK
If I had to sum up my work with Clayton in one word it would be ‘Responsibility’.
When I started working with him, it was because I wanted help with my relationship. Or so I thought. What I have come to realize through the process was that what I really wanted help with was myself. He helped me to see how caught up I get in the stories I tell myself about the world — not the facts about the world, but my stories about those facts.
The realizations are only part of what I have gained from our work together. What I have come to rely on more than anything in our work together is the regular practice of holding up the vision of who I want to be — not just who I have always said I want to be — and using that vision as a guiding star to move toward. He is really good at holding that star up to me in a way that isn’t preachy or militant, just straightforward. Real.
I can’t say enough thanks to Clayton for all his help. He is truly magical. I’ve been working with him for years now and I am still not even sure how he does it. I show up for our conversations, we talk and somehow magic happens in my life. It is a continually amazing process. He is incredibly present, very insightful and one of the few people in my life that I can truly count on to call me on my bullshit. I can’t recommend working with him enough.

– Ben E. Portland, OR

Clayton is an amazing person with incredible insight to offer.
He helped me through a very difficult time in my life, a devastating breakup with a man whom I contemplated having a family with. Clayton made me realize so many things about myself, such as the need to set boundaries and to honor myself and trust my gut instinct in certain situations. The discussions we had together really helped to open my mind and see things from a different perspective which was very helpful. In the 3 months that we worked together, Clayton made a major impact in my life, and has helped to shape me into a stronger and more confident woman. I am very grateful that I found him and feel honored to have worked with him. He genuinely cares and has a gift for what he does. I highly recommend him and will certainly turn to him again for help during another major life event that I need guidance.

– Angelina

Whilst handling significant personal life changes and challenges,
I chose a series of coaching sessions with Clayton (Olson). Clayton’s work is based on core values, from the heart. I feel a tremendous freedom to express myself and Clayton brings enormous warmth and receptivity to the coaching relationship. For me, each session is a discovery – like a wonderful ‘alchemical lab’. This becomes fuel for heart-based perceptions and change! This is beyond measure. I can truly recommend Clayton’s coaching. If you appreciate a dynamic, trustworthy support at times of change, Clayton is a truly safe pair of hands.
– Olga S, UK
I hope this encapsulates my true gratitude and appreciation for all your help…
honestly words don’t come close to how much you helped me. I was actually really skeptical when we set up our first intro call… I almost canceled it, but then I thought “well it’s free, so what the hell!” I sensed right away that you had depth and I felt a connection with you and I liked your approach with me in your communications. I felt like you could really help me pull my shit together. And I’m so glad I listened to that instinct and invested in working with you. It’s been one of the best investments of my life and I’m entirely grateful that I had the chance to work with you and that you were there for me during this tough time.
You are a wizard and a genius when it comes to coaching and relationships. Thank you so much! Honestly when I met you and started working with you I felt you are a gift from God… I still believe that. I was at my wits end when we met. I felt destroyed, depleted, lost… And you slowly helped build me back up.. You helped me achieve what my mind told me was impossible but my heart yearned for: reconnecting with the woman who dumped me just a few months ago. Now we are are back together in a more awesome relationship than we had before. She is the one chasing me now and wanting me…. I can’t express my level of gratitude for everything you’ve given me. You’ve given me tools and helped me gain clarity on some of my major blind spots, which will enrich me for the rest of my life and allow me to create the relationships I really want. You are amazing and I honestly feel that anyone is lucky to be able to work with you.
I remember working with you at the beginning as you coached me through the NC period, I was freaking out sometimes, and you helped me focus that energy into my own purpose. You helped me get strong and fulfilled again within my own life and the results were amazing! My business has been booming! I remember when it was time for me to initiate contact with my ex after over 30 days of NC… I was so scared that I almost talked myself out of it. I already felt that I no longer needed her and that I could be happy without her. But I contacted her anyways and it was one of the scariest things I ever did… I was so afraid of rejection or being hurt again… But following your advice what happened blew me away! Instead of her rejecting me… She actually asked me out for a drink! You helped me navigate this sensitive phase of reconnecting with her like a captain navigates around dangerous rocks at sea… And she grew closer and closer… She told me she missed me but she was also afraid of the pain our previous relationship caused us. You helped me let go of the past and focus on building something new with her. You helped me focus on creating the foundation to the relationship I really want…
Now things are just awesome! We’re going on a 10 day vacation in Costa Rica this month and we’re talking already about moving in together at some point in the future. She’s told me more times than I can count how much better our relationship is and how much I’ve changed. And it’s true, I feel it to. I couldn’t have done it without you my man.
Honestly if anyone gets a chance to work with you they are way more lucky than they know. You are truly a genius at this stuff. You went above and beyond the call so many times to help me when I needed it most. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You are a godsend.

– BR, Ottawa, Canada

I can’t thank Clayton enough for helping me get through such a difficult time.
Clayton helped me shift my mentality and improve my communication skills in all my relationships. He especially helped with my ex girlfriend, who came back to me after many of the changes implemented through Clayton’s insight. His conflict resolution analysis is particularly helpful. If you are looking to change your old approach then Clayton is a great resource. Thanks again.

– Nate, NYC
Having said that you have change my world so much
that I felt it was necessary to share with others that you can truly help them as well. Basically my story is a simple one. It is the common theme of a man that has lost the love of his life to another, and is completely crushed. Showing no sign of belief that there is still a chance to be with her. Clayton opened my eyes to a completely different way of looking at my situation. Instead of believing I wasn’t good enough, that the man that she left me for is better than me, Clayton changed the way I viewed my situation. See not only did I lose my confidence, but how I portrayed my current state directly effected the way I was showing up. This way of thinking changes everything not just your romantic relationships. He made me understand that only I can choose where I take my life. In listening to Clayton I became “unflappable “. Stop caring of the outcome, and started to just have fun. My ex saw this change in me, immediately, it made her extremely curious, and actually wanting me again. In her eyes I was the old me again, not the needy, insecure person that I had become before.
Now although I have the women of my dreams back in my arms again I don’t forget what I have learned and continue to learn from Clayton. He truly is a great coach that constantly challenges me and my life dreams. But that’s not why I connect so well with him. I connect well with Clayton because he truly cares about me! That isn’t easily found in this world.

– Pat

From our very first phone conversation,
Clayton clearly articulated and profoundly connected with the issues I was facing in my relationship and insightfully provided perspective and solutions I would have never sought on my own. Clayton has helped me not only in my personal relationships, but in my life outside them. Clayton has helped unveil my confidence as a man and the best in my ability to communicate and understand clearly; what’s surfaced is a more fulfilling life. I would recommend Clayton to anyone, that is, who is eager to change their life for the better.

– Clayton F, California

I’ve turned to Clayton for coaching on a few major areas in my life
that I used to struggle with: career happiness, relationships, and my own self-confidence. I went into the first call hoping he would just give me the secrets on how to have the perfect life, but he quickly helped me realize that no one could just “give” me the answers, and I had to discover them for myself. My conversations with Clayton opened my eyes to my blind spots that were standing in my way, and how I have been in control of them the whole time and didn’t even realize it. He has helped me reshape and redefine my own reality!

– Kyle W, Colorado
Clayton Olson has been a major inspiration in my life.
When I first came across him, I was not exactly what one would call socially calibrated. I was a bit obnoxious looking back. The lessons I have learned from him have helped me in every part of my life. My business, my personal friendships, my love life and my family have all reaped the rewards of Clayton’s enthusiasm and inspiration. I am forever indebted to him. Many more thanks than words can speak Clayton!

– Jourdan D, Colorado

Clayton Olson is an NLP magician.
Each meeting with him transformed me little by little, gently and deeply.
Beyond temporary comfort, working with him provided lasting results from real change.

Not only is he an experienced coach, but he is also endowed with an unusual maturity, sensitivity, and intelligence.

Each meeting was such a surprise to me. As a woman, I was wondering how a man would help me sort through my relationship and spiritual challenges. Always, I was delighted and profoundly touched by the depth and the clarity of Clayton’s insights.

I honestly felt thrilled, looking forward to the journey, each time before – and after – we met. Each conversation with him felt like a wonderful gift I offered myself.

I will not hesitate to turn to him again.

Should you feel the need to invest in yourself, go for Clayton! Your heart and soul will thank you immensely.

– M-J
Clayton has been an incredible resource for me during one of the hardest times in my life. Relationships are not always what we plan them to be, and when I lost the love of my life, I reached out to Clayton to help understand what happened, and what I could do to regain what I had lost. Clayton not only provided invaluable advice but most importantly, listened to help me understand how I affect the outcomes that I experience, both then and now. The difference between Clayton and other advisors out there is his authenticity, and his amazing coaching ability – he has a diverse and extended background and he pulls from this experience as he works with you. I can’t thank him enough for the help and guidance he has given to me and I can truly say that he has made a huge difference in my life. I am indebted to him and his inspiration lives on in me. Thank you Clayton!

– Suzanne, Virginia

I am a mid 40’s successful business guy who majored in Psychology,
was married previously to a Columbia graduate social worker and the son of a brilliant doctor dad MD with an emphasis in psychology. I say all that because I have NEVER met anyone with an understanding on relationships like Clayton. When my girlfriend and I broke up I was devastated and when I found Clayton, he was able to first and foremost bring my back to reality and sanity. He was then able to help me return to the once calm and rational man I was to help me understand why I lost my girl. He helped me realize who I needed to become as a person a man not only for HER but for me!
I was skeptical for sure but I needed someone… Clayton had me sign up for a series of weekly conversations and I can tell you 100% this was the best money i’ve ever spent!!
His insights and authentic grasp of my situation was priceless!
He was able to help me see things I would have never otherwise seen and help me day by day take the steps necessary to win my girlfriend back, AND become the man I’ve always wanted to be!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Clayton, you are truly one of a kind and anyone who has lost there lover and wants them back and to take there own personal life to the next level, you can beneift beyond words by working with Clayton!

– Greg, Atlanta GA

Time spent with Clayton has been invaluable to my current life experience.
Quickly I was able to identify when I was not thinking or behaving in line with my core values. In addition, by setting boundaries with others based on these core values, my relationships with friends, coworkers and myself have improved immensely. I’ve had several conversations and chat threads with Clayton that led to a paradigm shift in my thinking patterns, which were worth the cost of his coaching alone. Clayton also has a unique ability to identity and then taylor his coaching to what specific issues you are struggling with. I would recommend Clayton without reservation.

– John S. MD, Colorado

Saved my relationship– more than once.

I worked with Clayton throughout the year in 2016, getting relationship coaching on my existing relationship.

We had regular times scheduled, but if there were ever a situation were I felt urgency, he would make sure we could speak sooner.

Whenever I was conflicted about something in the relationship, I would discuss it with Clayton. He was able to give me a lot of clarity and acceptance. He has a special gift for understanding situations with what little information you tell him. It’s more than just his knowledge and training… there’s definitely something special about him.

If you need a relationship coach, he is exceptional. I’ve recommended him to friends and family members. If there’s an internal or external conflict in your relationship, Clayton will be able to help you in ways you couldn’t on your own.

- George R.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for having worked with Clayton.

His knowledge and expertise on the subjects of relationships and personal-growth are second to none. I began working with Clayton after a breakup because I felt he had more knowledge and a better understanding of relationships than anyone else and he gave me the best chance of another chance at the relationship. His ability to process and understand relationship dynamics and behavior was what I anticipated, the best in the business. What I did not anticipate was his world-class ability as a personal-growth coach that inspired me to be honest with myself and congruently align my beliefs and actions. What began as a journey to fix a relationship turned out to be a life-changing experience in self-development and personal-growth that I would not trade for anything.

What I enjoyed most during my time working with Clayton was his raw and genuine honesty. One of his best attributes is utilizing this honesty to open your mind to the reality of situations, allowing you to see and step into the best version of yourself. His honesty builds an instant personal connection, making it seem like you have known each other for years.

What I believe separates Clayton from anyone else, is his innate ability to listen and fully understand your story, allowing him to illuminate the path to what it is you truly desire. He has a tremendous gift for listening and compassion. Clayton is extremely passionate about understanding your situation and pushing you to see and become the best version of yourself.

Working with Clayton has been one of the best decisions of my life. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a relationship coach. This man has the experience and knowledge to understand relationship dynamics to the fullest and he knows how bring about real connection. I was also strongly recommend working with Clayton to anyone who is in question. Whether questioning your career, relationships, or you are on the fence about whether you need a life coach or not, I would suggest taking the leap and working with Clayton because he will help you find the answers you are looking for.

- Mark F.

Wow, um… Clayton,
There were so many moments of honest exchange, laughing, playfulness, acceptance, sensuality and love. Thank you for your gift of creating a safe space, in which I was able to go deep with my pain and shift out of it enough to allow myself to be seen by my man. You are amazing! Allowing myself to be seen makes me feel vulnerable and to my surprise; I actually feel stronger, more confident and aware of what I need and what I can give in my relationship.

- D.G

Thank you so much for your help.

I followed your advice and took a risk.

And bang! My former boyfriend took a risk as well to see me again, a year since we broke up. He is now my boyfriend and we’re moving towards a deeper level of intimacy and trust.

With your help, I realized that I had deep insecurities which drove him away and I understood where they came from and how to change them.

In the end you have to spend time with somebody to create a relationship and be willing to be vulnerable and take a risk with your own heart.

- Ellen, UK

Good news I’m back with my ex!!!

I texted him saying we should meet and catch up.

I really think what made the difference, is myself being vulnerable and taking responsibility for my errors. Also taking the pressure off of him makes him come to me because he wants to. I am so happy and over the moon excited about how well my changes have worked for me. If I hadn’t followed your advice I would still be floundering.

- M.H

Clayton has been a tremendous help and guide on that sometimes difficult road to self-awareness.

One of Clayton’s videos came by on YouTube one day in my search for answers on so many questions. More specifically about how to deal with the loss of the woman that I loved and how to get her back into my life. It wasn’t a quick fix and the journey we went on took surprising turns. It took me a couple of sessions to realize that we were not here for my ex-girlfriend, but for me and my own development as a man, as a human being and what I bring to the table in a relationship. With Clayton’s help I was able to see through the cracks and reached a much deeper understanding of where I am coming from. What makes me who I am and he handed me the tools to deal with underlying issues I brought with me on my path from a young boy to this present time. In the end my ex and I reconciled but only for a short time. The time was not right for us or maybe we are not right for each other at all. Time will only tell. What I do know is that I have learned so much about myself in the last couple of months and that Clayton has been truly inspirational on this journey.

– Sander, Netherlands

It s hard to put into words how Clayton has shown me different ways to care for myself.
This past year has been a real time of personal exploration for me. As many have, I found Clayton after a breakup. I had come to a point in life where everything was seemingly coming apart and my direction forward was as unclear as could be.

Clayton helped me to see patterns in my life that I had been perpetually repeating. He helped me see that this stemmed from the way I communicated and viewed certain life events as well as how I truly viewed myself. The work we did over our 6 month engagement has helped me grow in ways I never could have expected. Understanding these unvisited parts of myself has helped me to better communicate and truly live into relationships all around me. It is opening up new doors and potential life paths as well as helping to move on from situations and relationships (both personal and professional) that have been an impedance.

I am excited to continue my growth as it has been several months now since I last worked with Clayton and almost every day I see something that our work has brought into my life.
No matter what your situation is I am confident that should you decide to work with Clayton you will be nothing less than thrilled with the experience!

– Chad, US