19 01, 2020

THIS Makes You INSTANTLY More Attractive

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When it comes to romance, it’s easy to get sucked into wondering what men want or how to be more attractive in their eyes.     Women read fashion magazines, spend hours at the gym, join dating sites, solicit advice columns, and even seek therapy all in the name of discovering why they’re so unlucky in love. But the answer is simpler than you probably think. It might be more counterintuitive too. In order to [...]

30 01, 2017

Single Women: Relax. Your Life’s Going To Be Just Fine.

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It's a modern world and women are rising at every level. Yet, despite all of these wonderful advancements, there's still a social undercurrent that implies that a woman's worth increases if she's in a relationship (even more so if she gets married). Meanwhile, society still sanctions (and even celebrates) single men as being wild cards, free-spirits unwilling to give up their fun-filled lives. But single women who chose the same path? They're labeled old maids, with the [...]