18 02, 2017

Dear Men, Four Brutal Reasons The Woman You Love Is About To LEAVE You

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It happens in so many relationships: Your love ... once a pot of boiling passion, cools off to a bucket of lukewarm water.  And, be honest, men — at times, you’ve wondered if you should just break things off. But, you’ve invested time into this relationship and you really do like the woman you're with. You even say you love her. All relationships settle into a routine after awhile, right? So, you believe in seeing it through. Here's the thing though: Your girlfriend also senses the lukewarm temperature of your [...]

13 11, 2015

THIS Is How To Make Her Your Girlfriend (Finally!)

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The beginning of relationships can be tricky for even the most seasoned dater. From questions, to doubts, to plain old paranoia, sometimes it’s a wonder that any first date leads to marriage.  For men, this trickiness is often compounded.  That’s because the ball is in your court.  No, it’s not in your court just because you’re a male; it’s here because women are attracted to men of conviction (not to be confused with men who [...]