15 07, 2022

The Two Questions That Steal Your Power (And What To Ask Instead)

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Did you know that there are two questions that can instantly steal your power without you even knowing it? Asking either of these questions gives your inner authority away to someone else. What are these two disempowering questions? They are: "What should I do?" "What's the right thing to do in this situation?" How many times have you found yourself in a difficult circumstance and found yourself asking these on repeat? Asking either of these [...]

16 06, 2022

How To Build Unflappable Confidence and Banish Insecurity FOREVER

By |2023-08-23T08:48:36+00:00June 16th, 2022|

Do you ever feel like insecurity is sabotaging your connection with someone you love? In my now decade of coaching, here are some of the most common ways I've seen that create unnecessary insecurity in your life. 1. You're mistakenly thinking that relationship confidence comes from what you are DOING and/or 2. You think your confidence comes from what you HAVE... Both of these are brilliant strategies for remaining alone and insecure for the rest of your life. The [...]

10 05, 2022

Stop Telling Yourself This Lie

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I have found there are five words we have all likely spoken at one time or another to ourselves, usually after having experienced something painful or doing something we regret. These five words are: "I should have known better." These words may seem innocent (and accurate) enough on the surface, but really, the only purpose they serve is a way to beat yourself up. Maybe you’re going through a job loss or a breakup and you’re [...]

18 04, 2022

Overachievement Is Self Abandonment

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Meditation teacher and writer Jon Kabat-Zinn famously said, “wherever you go, there you are” and it couldn’t be more true in the context of achievement. Our culture applauds achievement, and sure, it feels good to have accomplishments under our belt. But the dark side of achievement is something we don’t often hear about, yet it’s very real. I consider myself a recovering over-achiever. In my 20s and early 30s, I was constantly setting goals, reaching [...]

17 03, 2022

One Counter-Intuitive Sign You Are Growing IMMENSELY

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Have you ever felt like you were taking risks and growing in life, only to have that small, unwanted voice creep in your head to say that you’re a fraud? Imposter syndrome is not anything most people enjoy feeling. I used to have that inner critic come out with its commentary anytime I’d take big steps in life, personally or professionally (in fact, I still do from time to time!) It used to make me [...]

16 02, 2022

You Get What You Look For…

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An interesting truth I've discovered over the course of my life, and my work in the coaching field is this: You will find evidence for whatever it is that you're looking for, infinitely and in every direction. Whatever you believe is true about you, you'll find it. Whatever you believe is true about others, you'll see that too. Whatever you believe is possible in your life, you're absolutely right. But when you're truly ready and [...]

5 02, 2022

There is No Such Thing as “Self-Sabotage” (Here’s Why…)

By |2023-08-23T08:57:42+00:00February 5th, 2022|

What if I were to tell you there’s no such thing as self-sabotage? You might be thinking, “But then how do we explain those times when we get really close to achieving something we want or are on the brink of getting involved with someone we’re really interested in, and then somehow we ruin it? How do you explain that??" Personally, I feel the world is filled with enough potentially harmful things I need to watch [...]

17 01, 2022

You Become What You Give

By |2023-08-23T08:58:36+00:00January 17th, 2022|

I’d like to introduce to you a concept, especially around this time of year, when people are making resolutions and setting intentions for themselves in 2022. Resolutions, as you may have experienced, can be a lesson in failure, as most people sadly don’t even make it to February with their newfound promises. I have a way that you can experience a different type of change. One that happens from the inside out this year. It’s [...]

8 01, 2022

8 Core Beliefs That Make You Unbreakable

By |2023-08-23T08:59:03+00:00January 8th, 2022|

What if I told you changing your life was as simple as changing your mind? Over nearly a decade of coaching, I have gathered some key "inner stances" that I have seen completely revolutionize my clients’ lives, as well as my own. Thoughts that you have each day hold more power than you know, and by adopting these perspectives as a new way of being, your life transforms in miraculous ways. Here are a [...]

6 10, 2021

3 Powerful Rules to Setting Boundaries

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Boundaries tend to be misunderstood, but the truth is, they are a requirement for healthy connections. Why are they important? They create the structure from which you build a healthy relationship and bring your whole, authentic self into the relationship. Let’s start by outlining some evidence you might not have healthy boundaries. What this might look like is the following: Not speaking up when it’s important. Giving your time away by saying yes when you [...]