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I feel truly fortunate to have become one of Clayton's clients in this self-exploration process. This is so much more than good dating advice! Trying to date or build a relationship without changing how you see yourself or being able to share the best version of you is like putting the ‘cart before the horse'! The best results start with you!

Talking with Clayton feels like a you are holding a comforting hand while revisiting the scary parts of life from which we hide. He has an innate ability to identify & tap into your deepest past experiences causing road blocks to your success in personal life and business relationships alike.

Clayton gently coaxes you to open the proverbial ‘Pandora's box' of issues that bother you, exploring them in truly ways impossible alone. He unmasks your own courage without judgement, challenges your psyche with the most difficult of questions, & patiently waits for you to find your own answer or enlighten you with relatable wisdom. It's a beautiful feeling when you confront a conflict later and see your own growth evidenced by your new thoughts & actions.

By far the best feeling however, is when you stop yourself from a previously well worn negative thought process and you catch yourself after a few mere words. The benefits are truly palpable with an almost instant effect, providing clarity & resurgence of motivation. What a true gift be able to not only identify & understand ones's issues on such a deep level, but to evoke positive change that lasts!

Stop spinning your wheels. Go ahead-make the phone call – It's a priceless return on investment. You and your future are worth it.

Lori, OH

Coaching reveals choice. Where a circumstance in your life seems black or white, you will realize that there is color.  Where you see nothing but dead ends, coaching uncovers the secret passages or the hidden backdoor.

What you'll get from coaching with me:

  • Feel secure and inspired in your relationship

  • Create your life as you envision it

  • Ignite a fire of confidence and self-love

  • Connect to your hearts calling and take action

  • Discover communication strategies that create love

  • Strengthen and deepen your relationships

  • Rid your life of sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Get your relationship back on track

  • Learn to live from your true, authentic power

  • Find clarity and direction during transitions

  • Discover how to create happiness, freedom and love

  • Learn to take risks with confidence