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How To Be Relationship Ready and Finally Create A Healthy Connection That Lasts... 

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When I enroll in the Relationship-Ready online program I will get:

  • The complete blueprint of how to become "The One" in his eyes
  • A new way to approach men, that makes connecting easy and automatic
  • The beliefs and skills necessary to fully be yourself and be LOVED for it by men
  • Communication scripts to taking dating from casual to committed
  • Laser-focussed video modules delivered every week for 6 weeks 
  • 90 minute weekly pre-recorded coaching Q&A to help you deeply integrate this content  

35+ Video Classes 

[value $1500]

  • 6 laser-focussed easily-digested teachings each and every week for 6 weeks
  • bonus week 0 material, immediately available when you enroll
  • all available 24/7 on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop in video or audio mp3 format
  • taught by experienced teachers - Clayton has in a 2.7m views Youtube Relationship channel and Jack has taught over 10,000 people live over 4 continents
  • specific practices and challenges each week so you can get real-life experience and learning on how to connect deeply with men

Pre-recorded Q&A video coaching calls  

[value $900]  

  • 6 x 90 minute videos of Jack and Clayton coaching women with questions and challenges just like yours
  • a rare front-seat privilege and window into ALL the questions and fears women have about men, dating, settling down, knowing when to let a guy go, how to go from casual to committed, etc.
  • questions and coaching topics relate to the week's material, so it's a great way to deepen your learning
  • Jack and Clayton have both coached hundreds of men and women 1-on-1 and bring that expertise for you to benefit
  • all material available 24/7 on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop 

"You guys are the best." - Surpreet Kaur

Here's Exactly What We're Covering Together

Week 1: Setting The Stage - The Vision Of A Conscious Relationship  

We are going to lay a powerful foundation for you to have the tools and awareness that support you being in a real and loving relationship.  

What you will learn:  

  • Dealing with triggers and counter-triggers so you can completely eliminate relationship anxiety
  • How to maintain your voice and self-respect with a man you are head over heels in love with
  • How to tell your partner what you really need without pushing them away
  • How to handle your inner critic - your biggest place of relationship self-sabotage
  • Exactly how to attract what you want by crafting your own vision for a concious relationship.

Week 2: Waking Up - What’s Really Been Going On...  

This week will allow you to clearly discover the roles you have been playing with men and what problems you may have unknowingly been attracting. And then choose something better. 

You will discover:  

  • How to stop attracting the wrong kinds of men and start attracting men that want YOU
  • How to make a clear break with your relationship past so you can create something new
  • How to allow yourself to get in relationship the thing you didn't get in your upbringing
  • How to be in your power AND still be loved for you actually are
  • How to let go of a previous relationship so you can move on fully

Week 3: Getting His World - The Owner’s Manual To His Heart  

The essence of this week is understanding a man the way he understands himself so you can get his hopes, fears, his edges and offer him support in a way that makes you irreplaceable.

You will discover:  

  • How to INSPIRE a man open his heart to you
  • How to no longer feel confused by men and get what they're feeling without them even telling you
  • How to stop feeling wounded by men so you can finally open up without the fear of getting hurt again
  • The one thing men need even more than your respect or love in order to feel like a man in your presence.
  • When to give your man space in a way that feels honoring towards yourself and builds attraction 

Week 4: Real Compatibility - How To Find Your Man 

This where you get beyond your shopping list of wanting a smart, successful, kind man - and we get into what the four top factors that REALLY dictate long-term compatibility.  

You will discover:  

  • How to stop wasting your time on relationships that are doomed from the start
  • How to notice "unconscious attraction" so you can make great choices around who to partner with
  • How to trust your intuition and not doubt yourself (even while you are seriously attracted to a man)
  • The four essential compatibility factors for finding the right long-term partner
  • The subtle questions to ask that reveal a man's value system - those things closest to his heart
  • You'll finally understand the real reason your relationships didn't work and how to create a solid foundation of compatibility from the ground up.

Week 5: Blocks To Intimacy - Reclaiming Your Vulnerability  

At the deepest level, what you want from you relationship is genuine, authentic intimacy. This module is all about discovering what blocks your greatest path to intimacy - which is your vulnerability.  

You will discover:  

  • How to open to the power of your heart, which is what you really want to do
  • How to trust whether a man is worth opening to, so you don't have unnecessary heartbreak
  • How to step into your strong feminine, ultimately making men feel needed and respected
  • How to understand your "primary defense strategy", so you don't have the pain of withdrawing your love
  • How to communicate your experience, so you don't have to push him away or put him on the defensive
  • How to have crucial "gateway conversations" - specific scripts to shape the conversations which will determine where your relationships go.

Week 6: Stepping Into Your Future - Becoming The One  

This week is all about distilling what you have learnt and putting it into an action plan for being fully Relationship Ready. We will have some recaps of key learning points to make sure everything has landed and is actionable.  

You will discover:  

  • How to set up your unique relationship action plan, so you know the highest-leverage things you can do to invite the relationship you want into your life
  • How to let go of your expectations, so you can radiate more joy and aliveness (and WANT a relationship, vs NEED one)
  • How to trust life at a deeper level, so you have more ease and peace of mind.
  • A spiritual truth about life and relationships that creates a potent feminine magnetism men want to be around.
  • Specific further opportunities to deepen your learning. 

What people say about the program 

"It was worth every cent I paid for this course! Deeply grateful because I feel more confident!”  

- Linda Chia

Thanks for answering my question. The advice was very empowering. I'm learning so much. Thank you :)” - Shar Young  

“I’ve learned so much. I find I’m much calmer and I can tell a difference in how I relate to my friends, family, etc. I’m much more aware of me, my surroundings and the people I happen to be with.” - Susan Law  

When I enroll, I will also get the following bonuses worth almost $1000:

Bonus 1:  

Private Facebook community [value $500]

This will be our private online fellowship where we share, support and challenge one another. You will be surrounded by like-minded women who are experiencing similar challenges and questions, and it’s your chance to have support from us and your peers each and every day of the program. We are both committed to spending a minimum of 2 hours a week coaching here, so you will have a minimum for 24 hours of our time here.  

Bonus 2:  

Actions of Attraction including the 3 Instincts ‘Master Model’ [$97]  

This is Clayton’s most popular product - a 250 page ebook with accompanying audio recording.  

  • This program breaks men down into 3 archetypes you need to understand 
  • Simple actions that meet a man’s deepest needs and help him feel seen, respected and loved in a very special way. 
  • Audios you can listen to 24/7
  • Listen to Clayton while you fall asleep at night!  


There’s an extra bonus in this bonus…!  

The 3 instincts master model…this has completely changed the way we think about relationships.  

  • great video dialogue between Clayton and I to open up this vital territory
  • If you ONLY took understanding the 3 instincts from our entire program, we believe you would get good value. 

Bonus 3:  

Emotional Intelligence 101 Interview [$97]  

A really rich conversation between Jack and Andrea Isaacs, international workshop leader and emotional intelligence expert.  

You will learn:  

  • How to be increase your emotional intelligence - the most important intelligence for relationship success
  • How to give feedback that is more easily heard.
  • How to balance giving and receiving, knowing that one is likely harder for you to do fully.
  • How to overcome being withdrawn and shy.
  • How to unblock yourself to bring more of your radiance and expression.  

Bonus 4:  

How To Love Better Interview [$97]  

You will love Dr Keith Witt, he’s a real gem and has done over 10,000 hours of couples’ work!  

In this interview:  

  • 5 questions to ask any potential partner (guarantee you won’t have heard these)
  • how to break habitual trigger responses
  • noticing the predictors of cheating
  • knowing the difference between lust, romantic infatuation and intimate bonding - and why you want to stay the course
  • how to have your biology support you - and not hijack you unhelpfully  

Bonus 5:  

4 Pillars of A Conscious Relationship Ebook [value $97]

This is Jack and Clayton's debut book together and we have people telling us it is worth the course investment alone!  

In this concise ebook, you will learn:  

  • why and how to take responsibility for your experience  
  • how to stop unconsciously attracting guys just like your (or a reaction to) your dad  
  • how to deal with your emotions authentically, rather than reactively
  • how to communicate responsibly and effectively  

Module 5. WHAAAT???? You guys are frigging awesome. Love you guys. Thanks for this course. Also I am going way back deeper into the persona module to make sure I am fully conscious of the persona work for myself.. Your talk on vulnerability was the BEST I have seen out there. I hear people allude to it all the time. But honestly i did not understand it until now!! xoxox. Grateful for you guys!

- Mimi Johnson

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90% of our graduates gave the program a 5/5 rating.

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What people say about the program

“This has been the best 6 weeks. So much more than I could have asked for. I'm feeling somewhat whole now and thanks to you, I think it's going to be not just ok, but a magnificent adventure going forward. Love you guys!” -Elizabeth Trahan  

“I really enjoy the program and see it's worth, you guys are doing great job.”  

-Gosia Anna  

“Thanks again for your great work and program. Its awesome to see two gents love what they do, and it is easily apparent through your videos and interactions not only amongst yourselves but will all the ladies participating :)” -Sheila M. Rosaasen  

This is a tremendous value.

Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, I think we can agree on two things:

  • You're getting EXACTLY what you need to finally be with a high quality man and the relationship you deserve.
  • Investing in yourself is something that lasts a lifetime.

It's an experience that can continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life.  

But just to MAKE SURE that happens (and because we want to support your ongoing development), we're also giving you...LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of the programs and the private Facebook group.  

Frankly, we are offering this class more as a "labor of love" than anything else. With the small numbers in this program and what we get paid for our private coaching, this wouldn't make sense for us if we didn't love teaching.  

So if you know this is right for you and will help you, enroll right now.

Program recap:

35+ video modules - $1500

Pre-recorded Q&A coaching calls - $900

Facebook group - $500

Actions of Attraction - $97

Emotional Intelligence 101 interview - $97

How to Love Better Interview - $97

4 Pillars of A Conscious Relationship Ebook - $97

Total program value = $3288

Standard tuition investment - $997

Your investment today: 1 Payment of $997 $497 

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ONLY $497 Today

3 Payments Of $197

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Current Members In Our Community Say:

Hi Jack, I find your program amazing and exceptional. I haven't met many men with such a broad worldview and deep interest in emotional sensitivity. You are a great coaching team with Clayton. You have opened a new universe to me, with a lot of food for thought... I think I will really enjoy my time with self-discovery the following months. Thank you for the hard work and time you put in this program, it is much appreciated! Love, Kinga

"An actual demonstration, a lived experience, of two conscious men holding space for women, and loving them, showing up for them, showing us that YES YOU DO EXIST!!" ~Grace Lewis 

"This experience has been life altering in these 3 areas: 1. how to conduct myself when I am triggered so the encounter does not spiral out of control, 2. how to evaluate a potential partner for compatibility, 3. how to communicate my vulnerability - it gave me permission to be what I want to be but had the misconception that it was a sign of weakness.' ~Susan Laws  

"Module 5. WHAAAT???? You guys are frigging awesome. Love you guys. Thanks for this course. Also i am going way back deeper into the persona module to make sure I am fully conscious of the persona work for myself.. Your talk on vulnerability was the BEST I have seen out there. I hear people allude to it all the time. But honestly i did not understand it until now!! xoxox. Grateful for you guys!" ~Mimi K

"The course offers a plethora of information articulated really well. Jack and Clayton do an exceptional and thorough job of getting the information out and understood with clarity." ~Lorri Scholtes

"Opened my eyes, my heart and my mind. I feel so free after learning from you two!" ~Linda Suyin

"I learned I so much from all the modules. I'm looking forward to going through them again. You both are very gifted teachers and coaches." ~Shar Young  

'You were terrific. You both have a passion for what you do and a genuine calling to share it and to help others.' Susan Laws  

“I like you guys, you give genuine and valuable information.” ~Lynda Abdo, webinar attendee  

“you guys are the best. I am going to miss this..... Seriously… :(“ ~Surpreet Kaur

“You guys make a great couple of teaching woman about how to really know themselves so they can show up authentically to attract the right relationship.” ~Lorri Scholtes  

“I really enjoy the program and see it's worth, you guys are doing great job.” Thank you and speak soon! :) With love, ~Gosia Pasieczna

“I would like to say that the program was a breath of fresh air focusing on oneself versus how to "trick" type maneuvers of how to get the guy. Self reflection and working with oneself is where everyone needs to start. Appreciate the spiritual connections as well. :) “ ~Sheila Rosaasen  

“I'm really enjoying the content and find the videos worth every minute I spend on them. With all of this information, tools, loving support, and enlightenment, I am feeling so much better about myself and hopeful for the future. In fact, I'm really enjoying the freedom of not being involved right now” ~Elizabeth Trahan

I am thankful for Clayton and Jack for providing the safe space to dig into, identify and name all the dark, uncomfortable parts that I had spent my entire life overcoming through protecting, denying and hiding. ~Diane H 


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