Actions of Attraction

Actions Of Attraction, reveals simple actions that meet your man’s deepest needs and help him feel seen, respected and loved in a very special way. When you understand your specific man’s deeper values, those things that actually determine what make him happy, you’ll understand why he does the things he does and exactly how to make him feel loved and respected like no other woman could.

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Infatuate Your Ex

Infatuate Your Ex, is a relationship recovery program for women that gives step-by-step direction on how to fix your relationship with your man. Relationship breakups can be the most emotionally devastating times of our lives. Additionally, breakups can be a time of self-growth and an opportunity to deepen your connection with self and your partner. Infatuate Your Ex teaches you how to use this valuable time to do the inner work necessary to create the possibility of a new relationship with the man you love by being a woman he respects, trusts and desires.

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