Infatuate Your Ex

Do you want to save your relationship with the man you love, or bring it back to life?
What I’ve proven over and over in helping women through this challenging and emotionally tender time is this:

Truly starting over with the man you love boils down to seeing the real issue, not the one he told you.

Once you see the real problem in the relationship, only then can you take responsibility for this issue in a way that makes him see you in a new light.
And the possibility of a new relationship that’s different than the old one.

What he’s rejecting is the ‘relationship’s dynamic’ that the two of you created that isn’t working anymore. And when you’re able to change this relationship dynamic, any arguments that come up, naturally begin turn into opportunities for playful flirtation.

He’ll begin remember your first date, the vision the two of you once had, and all the hopes he had for making the love last.

He’ll give himself permission to see a future with you again. And this is the key to creating a 2nd chance.

What you’ll discover in Infatuate Your Ex:

  • The 11 Mistakes that Sabotage your Efforts; you have to know these if you want any chance of getting him back…
  • Exactly what to say to spark curiosity.
  • How to have him be open and be receptive to you without being manipulative…
  • Why he may be playing “hot & cold” right now…
  • The 5 core emotions he must feel to give you the 2nd chance you want.
  • Exactly how to healthily challenge him so he chases you!
  • How to navigate the first couple of conversations towards getting back together.
  • What to say, your stance and what questions to ask that ensure you maintain your power and avoid looking desperate or needy.
  • How to make him believe the new relationship between the two of you will be different.
  • What he needs more than your love to stay connected and in-love.
  • You’re also going to discover the 3 categories women fall into and how to use become the woman that he sees a future with.

Infatuate Your Ex is a program made up of a Digital Ebook and Audio Guides given to you
over the course of 21 days to help you stay on track and know exactly what to do step-by-step.

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