4 02, 2018

How To Deal With A Brutal Breakup (And Maybe Even Get Your Ex Back)

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First, you need to know what you really want.   If you’re wondering about how to deal with a breakup, there’s a chance you’re wanting your ex back. You’re probably devastated and wondering what went wrong. In fact, if you’re on the internet looking at dating articles, the odds are pretty high that you’re hurting, looking for hope, and wanting to know how to fix things.   But wanting a reconciliation and the proverbial "happily ever [...]

29 11, 2017

3 Myths About Love That Keep You From The Relationship You’re MEANT To Have

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You deserve a GREAT man.   We all lie to ourselves about a variety of things; we pretend that certain issues don’t bother us, or we claim that the diet starts on Monday. It’s a human thing to do. But when it comes to relationships, there are three little lies that crushes women’s self-esteem and sabotage success with men.   These are things women tell themselves that start out as little lies, but can turn into big problems [...]

16 11, 2017

How To Stop Being Needy & Clingy In A Relationship

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NOT a good look. At one time or another, most of us have found ourselves in a relationship where we’re clinging. But, this is never to our advantage. When you get a fleece jacket out of the dryer and every sock you own is stuck to it, it’s annoying, right? This clinginess is also aggravating in a relationship. Ergo, don’t be a sock; socks suck. Still, learning how to stop being needy and clingy is more than just [...]

6 02, 2017

7 Types Of Men Who ‘Seem’ Great, But Actually Make You Miserable!

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Drop the act.   As men, we play different roles in our life: friend, brother, co-worker, neighbor, etc.  But, some roles take on a toxic life of their own, especially when they cross boundaries into your relationships and into the world of getting the girl. There are seven roles that guys often (and sometimes unknowingly) adopt that sabotage relationships with the women they love. In moderation, these roles are like wine —  fine and, sometimes, even healthy. But when these roles become [...]

3 02, 2017

You Break Up With Yourself Before You Get Dumped

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“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr Though widely known as the saying uttered in Alcoholics Anonymous, the Serenity Prayer can apply to many facets of life. It’s a passage of beauty and one that’s true for anyone regardless of religion. It’s also a blessing for those who can master its teachings. [...]

1 02, 2017

Why Every Time You GHOST Someone You’re Dating … A Puppy Dies!

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Because being a jerk makes puppies sad. Okay, that’s not true ... a puppy won't necessarily die if you ghost someone (but, it can happen!). The point is that ghosting is so detrimental to healthy relationships that even angels can’t help but feel disappointed when they hear about it. That’s the bad news. The good news is that ghosting is a relatively recent phenomena, having only emerged in the past year. Still, the act itself has been around forever, even if the buzzword [...]

13 11, 2015

THIS Is How To Make Her Your Girlfriend (Finally!)

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The beginning of relationships can be tricky for even the most seasoned dater.   From questions to doubts to plain old paranoia, sometimes it’s a wonder that any first date leads to marriage.  For men, this trickiness is often compounded.  That’s because the ball is in your court.    No, it’s not in your court just because you’re a male; it’s here because women are attracted to men of conviction (not to be confused with [...]

27 05, 2015

The 1 Thing That Matters Most When Starting A New Relationship

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Stop focusing on trying to make him commit!   Everybody knows that the beginning of a relationship comes with a set of unwritten rules that both genders follow. The instant a woman sits across from a man at a candlelit dinner, there may as well be a sports announcer bellowing in the background, "Let the games begin!"   Unfortunately, the game being played is more of a tug-of-war than it is a collaborative effort. It's [...]

27 05, 2015

3 Ways To Stop Attracting Losers So You Can Finally Meet A Keeper

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You deserve so much more.   Almost everyone in the dating world readily admits that they have a type. Men might admit to liking blondes or girls who are tomboys; women might admit to liking men who are built or unforgivingly ambitious.   While most people are fine showcasing the exterior of their type to anyone who asks — for instance, "I only date guys who make me laugh" — they don't showcase (or perhaps even notice) the [...]