21 02, 2017

How To Check Emotional Baggage At Your New Relationship’s Door

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Time to break unhealthy relationship pattern of bringing the past into your current relationship.   Some people break up for regular reasons – the timing is wrong or there is too much distance between the two love birds. Some people break up because they aren’t compatible sexually – she’s whips and chains and he’s lights and socks on.  Others break up because they have different values – one wants kids and the other wants a [...]

15 01, 2017

7 Small (But Hurtful) Ways You ‘Cheat On’ Your Spouse Every Day

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It starts with subtle betrayal.     Most of us think that cheating is the ultimate act of relationship betrayal.   But, let's get real — people don’t just suddenly decide to trash their marriage vows like that out of nowhere. They don’t go to bed 100 percent faithful and then wake up with adulterous morning plans.   Instead of a sudden, shocking downpour ... the truth is, infidelity is actually a storm that brews [...]

23 12, 2016

3 Things Happy Couples Do To Keep Love Alive

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Exactly how to fix relationship? An apple a day keeps the breakup away.     Relationships, as anyone who's ever been in one knows, can be trying. The movies, romance novels, and Claire and Heathcliff Huxtable may make them look easy, but they aren't. Loving, living and lusting after one person for seventy or eighty years are not easy feats.   That's why sometimes it's important to learn how to fix relationship before it's in [...]