What Men Want More Than ANYTHING (But Are Afraid To Ask For)

Hint: it's not sex! The question “What do women want?” is one people have asked since the beginning of time. In fact, during the Stone Age, both the 'shoulder shrug' and the 'head scratch' head were invented by people pondering this very question. Unfortunately, this common query fails to include the other half of the partnership: the one with a Y chromosome. So, what do men want? And what do men want most in a relationship? Just as [...]

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THIS Is How To Make Her Your Girlfriend (Finally!)

Stop sitting on the sidelines, guys. From questions to doubts to plain old paranoia, sometimes it’s a wonder that any first date leads to marriage.  For men, this trickiness is often compounded.  That’s because the ball is in your court. No, it’s not in your court just because you’re a male; it’s here because women are attracted to men of conviction (not to be confused with men who have a conviction). Thus, if you want [...]

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If You Can’t Say “YES!” To These 2 Questions, Break Up With Him NOW

Not every relationship was meant to last... Despite what the typical fairytale leads us to believe, not every person in the world belongs together. Plainly put, breakups happen (if they didn’t, we’d all still be dating the first person who gave us "cooties" back in kindergarten). While no one can tell you exactly when to end a relationship with your partner, there are ways to know if it's time to end a relationship that is desperately [...]

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How To Talk Dirty To Him So He’ll Do ANYTHING You Want

And we mean...anything. There’s a running joke about long-term couples and their lack of sex; it seems every comedian who has ever taken the stage has alluded to it. One of the reasons for its popularity is the truthfulness it evokes. People who have been together for years, when compared to new couples, don’t have sex as often. Of course this makes sense: just as people are likely to play with a new video game [...]

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Your Only Chance To Get Him Back Is Having NO Contact — Here’s How

Does distance make the heart grow fonder — or is it out of sight and out of mind? Whether we admit it or not, romance comes with a set of unwritten rules — laws we follow in order to win the dating game (and turn it into the mating game). Among the most talked about of these rules is the one involving what to do during the post-breakup phase if you want to know how to get him [...]

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3 Secret Reasons Men Eventually Leave ‘Good’ Women

He was SO into you ... and then he wasn't. Here are the reasons why he left but WON'T tell you: We've all rented a room or two at the "Heartbreak Hotel," maybe even on more than one occasion. Sometimes, we say that we didn't see the breakup coming (even when it's approaching like a raging bull wearing a neon green shirt and pressing a blow horn). Other times, they truly do appear out of nowhere; everything was [...]

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1 Elusive Tip for a Healthy Relationship

The reason you’re in a relationship determines the quality of it.   The world is full of iconic relationships, unions that have made us believe in true love. Anthony and Cleopatra. Napoleon and Josephine. Pocahontas and John Smith. Even Mickey and Minnie (because if animated mice can go the long haul, any of us can). Still, while the concept of relationships is romantic and hopeful, they aren’t always legitimate. This is because people enter into [...]

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5 Secrets Nobody EVER Tells You About Winning His Heart Forever

Here are the keys on how to make your man happy (that he won’t – or can’t tell you)! As most women have noticed, there are two types of men: Behind curtain #1 is the type of guy who is absolutely smitten with his girlfriend — he puts her on a pedestal, treats her like a queen, and places her happiness above his own. And behind curtain #2 is the type who's labeled as a "commitment-phobe" — he doesn't appear [...]

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Couples Who Do These 9 Things Stay Connected And ‘In Love’ FOREVER

How to create lasting intimacy in your relationship? Swoon!   What's the difference between couples who remain madly in love, stay together and work through their differences versus couples who break up? It's not dumb luck. It's ... intimacy. I know, "intimacy" is such a clunky, awkward word. What does it really even mean? I'll tell you what it isn't. Intimacy is not just hugging and kissing after sex. How to be intimate with your partner? True intimacy stretches beyond sex [...]

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9 Secret Mantras Sexy Women Use To Make Men Want Them

What if how to be sexy came from the stuff you tell yourself rather than what society tells you?   All their lives, women have the concept of beauty shoved down their throats, stopping just short of teaching you sexiness as part of an academic curriculum. Understandably, all of this is a bitter pill to swallow.  Society tells everyone with a uterus that sexy is external, a tangible item measured by cup size and good looks. [...]

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