Actions Of Attraction

Have you ever felt confused about how to keep a guy interested? There’s nothing more disappointing than creating and building a relationship with a man you think will last, only to then have him pull away, go cold, or completely check out…

Actions Of Attraction, reveals simple actions that meet your man’s deepest needs and help him feel seen, respected and loved in a way a very special way.

Whether you just started to date someone new, and you really want to make this one work, or you’re in a relationship but you are not feeling the love, attention, or the presence you want from your man. Actions Of Attraction gives easy and simple actions to meet your man’s real needs and express your love for him.

What you’ll discover in Actions of Attraction:

  • The 3 Types of Men – what the need, fear and desire in relationships
  • How to exactly know what type of man you’re dating
  • The specific actions that build passion & desire in the relationship.
  • Practices you can do that make you more attractive
  • Things you can do that make you a more compatible partner.
  • The often missed mistakes that push him away or break the connection
  • What your man needs more than love from you
  • How to get your man to share his feelings with you
  • And the secret fear of men. Discover this, and you’ll be able to touch the deepest part of his heart.


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What others are saying:

Actions of Attraction made me realize how to better connect with my husband,
and what was really important to him in each moment. It’s like a secret guide that shows me what to do regularly so he feels understood and valued.

– Sarah, CO

The program is Powerful.
It not only challenges the mind, it also encapsulates the very soul and core of a man. After reading it I now know exactly what to do to get through to my man and create a loving connection.

– Sheena C

Actions of Attraction is the key to a question I never thought to ask…
How can I be the person he needs me to be? AoA outlined exactly how to show him that I am the person who knows him better than he knows himself. Since getting started with the program, AoA turned my newly budding, struggling love affair into my life long partnership with a man who loves me for me.

– A.M, Denver