16 02, 2022

You Get What You Look For…

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An interesting truth I've discovered over the course of my life, and my work in the coaching field is this: You will find evidence for whatever it is that you're looking for, infinitely and in every direction. Whatever you believe is true about you, you'll find it. Whatever you believe is true about others, you'll see that too. Whatever you believe is possible in your life, you're absolutely right. But when you're truly ready and [...]

5 02, 2022

There is No Such Thing as “Self-Sabotage” (Here’s Why…)

By |2022-02-05T20:00:32+00:00February 5th, 2022|

What if I were to tell you there’s no such thing as self-sabotage? You might be thinking, “But then how do we explain those times when we get really close to achieving something we want or are on the brink of getting involved with someone we’re really interested in, and then somehow we ruin it? How do you explain that??" Personally, I feel the world is filled with enough potentially harmful things I need to watch [...]