16 04, 2017

Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Man

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I’m sure you’ve wanted to experience your own individuality and appreciation for being you. Your man is no different. In fact, men are often forgotten in the midst of being the band on the ring, and not the diamond. The diamond is you. The woman is the gorgeous sparkle, but your man needs recognition for the way he shines and attracts you.   If men get the inkling that they are unseen or underappreciated, they [...]

9 04, 2017

What Men Want More Than ANYTHING (But Are Afraid To Ask For)

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The question “What do women want?” is one people have asked since the beginning of time. In fact, during the Stone Age, both the 'shoulder shrug' and the 'head scratch' head were invented by people pondering this very question. Unfortunately, this common query fails to include the other half of the partnership: the one with a Y chromosome. So, what do men want? And what do men want most in a relationship? Just as men have misconceptions about [...]

2 04, 2017

THIS Is How To Make Her Your Girlfriend (Finally!)

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From questions, to doubts, to plain old paranoia, sometimes it’s a wonder that any first date leads to marriage.  For men, this trickiness is often compounded because the ball is in your court. No, it’s not in your court just because you’re a male; it’s here because women are attracted to men of conviction (not to be confused with men who have a conviction). Thus, if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend [...]