30 01, 2017

Single Women: Relax. Your Life’s Going To Be Just Fine.

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It's a modern world and women are rising at every level. Yet, despite all of these wonderful advancements, there's still a social undercurrent that implies that a woman's worth increases if she's in a relationship (even more so if she gets married). Meanwhile, society still sanctions (and even celebrates) single men as being wild cards, free-spirits unwilling to give up their fun-filled lives. But single women who chose the same path? They're labeled old maids, with the [...]

23 01, 2017

Eight Signs That Prove Your Relationship Has What It Takes To LAST

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Will your love make it for the long haul? Health. We all think about it, especially as we age. We visit the doctor, we eat right (at least, sometimes), we Google our symptoms and then fret when WebMD inevitably tells us we’re dying.  But when we think about health, we do so only as it relates to our bodies. We often forget to think about health in terms of romantic relationships. Just as physical health [...]

17 01, 2017

Being Friends With Your Ex Boyfriend — And Why It Hurts

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Sometimes it succeeds, but other times friendship should never be considered in the first place. A friend of mine came to me with a question that many people have pondered: Should you be friends with your ex? Her situation was one that happens a lot: girl likes boy, boy is unsure how he feels, boy asks girl to hang out platonically.  "Let's be friends" is a common statement, uttered by the party doing the dumping, often [...]

15 01, 2017

2 Hopeful Signs You SHOULD Get Back Together After Breaking Up

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Some relationships ARE worth fighting for. Is yours? Not all relationships are destined to last forever; if they were, we'd all abandon looking for "the one" and simply happily date "the many."  Some relationships you should walk away from (or, perhaps even run from) but others are truly worth fighting for. But, how do you know when to say goodbye and when to give things another try? The truth is, deciding whether or not to get back together with [...]

15 01, 2017

7 Small (But Hurtful) Ways You ‘Cheat On’ Your Spouse Every Day

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Most of us think that cheating is the ultimate act of relationship betrayal. But, let's get real — people don’t just suddenly decide to trash their marriage vows like that out of nowhere. They don’t go to bed 100 percent faithful and then wake up with adulterous morning plans. Instead of a sudden, shocking downpour ... the truth is, infidelity is actually a storm that brews slowly. Usually, this starts with dozens of mini betrayals. [...]

9 01, 2017

5 Horrible Communication Habits That Kill Intimacy

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Getting better at communication in relationships starts with dropping these five horrible habits. There are many reasons a relationship ends in heartbreak rather than happily ever after. Some of these are out of your control – bad timing, distance, different visions for the future. Then there are reasons that are fully in your control, the strategies you use to communicate and express your emotions. Specifically, there are five behaviors that are toxic to any relationship.  Recognizing [...]

3 01, 2017

Have A Threesome With You, Your Man … And Some Dirty Talk

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Dirty talk can really spice up your sex life! Learning how to dirty talk is something many women wonder about (men, it appears, are born with the knowledge). Some women wonder out of curiosity, others wonder about it because their sex lives have grown stale. Some wonder about it because they can’t see themselves ever overcoming their shyness enough to let their freak flag fly, others wonder about it cause they’ve wanted to fly their [...]

2 01, 2017

Seven Simple Steps To Stop Your Heart From Breaking After A Breakup

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Just because it's the right thing to do doesn't mean it's painless. You may be a person who can benefit from learning how to break up with someone. It's not that you go about the breakup the wrong way—you don't send a text message or send a singing telegram that ends with "It's been fun but now we're done." Instead, you can benefit from learning how to break up with someone simply because you don't [...]