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Welcome! I'm Clayton.

For the past 11 years, I have helped close to 1000 clients through one-on-one transformative coaching come into deeper alignment so they can create the relationships, businesses and lives they love.

My clients confidently step into a version of themselves they've always known existed but could never quite access.

I work with people who want to significantly up-level their intimate relationships or the work they are doing in the world — and often both.

Here's what I know and what I bring to every coaching session:

You are a powerful creator.

Your past doesn't have to define your future. You can get exactly what you want in this lifetime.

You are whole, complete, innately valuable, and have the answers within you.

But you've likely just forgotten.

What I find when we begin working together is that when it comes to up-leveling their business or love life, while most people know something needs to change and are committed to discovering and making those changes, they secretly doubt they have what it takes.

They are not yet in total alignment with themselves.

Through transformative coaching conversations — blending cutting-edge neuro-science, NLP interventions, and radical self-inquiry — I help people shift out of their self-doubts and embody a new set of core beliefs.

This allows them to show up confidently, connected to their value, and knowing they can trust themselves to handle anything that life throws at them — in their work and relationships — feeling at peace, clear, and inspired in the process..

Coming into full alignment with yourself is the key to better relationships and business. The heart of my work is to help you realize and live this.